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May. 12th, 2012 01:27 pm
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I'm new to this (in fact, I am having a friend set this up for me, hah!) but I'll give it a shot. I tend to be very cynical of the political process, so a lot of what I post will likely be political in nature. I also have a terrific sin, and I will probably rave about him here like the proud dad I am! So welcome, and I'm glad you're along for the ride.
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Tim DeChristopher: Oil Lease Bids Stopped Greater Crime

In a prison interview earlier this month with the Salt Lake Tribune, DeChristopher talked about his time in prison and his feelings about the importance of social activism. "We do have the power to shape the country," he said, "but too often people act like consumers instead of citizens."

Let me get this straight?

Tim DeChristopher stops an illegally rushed auction of Federal land in the last hours of the Oil Man Bush's administration (who was illegally appointed in 2000 by the "Justice" System), The Obama Administration has since DeChristopher's incarceration agreed that the Federal Land in question should not have been up for sale, especially at such obscene
prices (pennies on the dollar) for the "people's" property. The Obama administration has thus pulled the "People's land" from any further consideration of sale, tacitly admitting the "correctness" in DeChristopher's Civic actions. Yet the "Justice" system continues to insist that Dechristopher is quite rightly convicted.

The 1% elite corporate Wall Street Wankers illegally bring the economy to ruin and Justice does not touch them? Halliburton corners most of the War profit, killing and sickening many of our troops with their shoddy construction and supply procedures and Justice does not concern itself? Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfield illegally rush us into war on trumped up
lies. Justice?

Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfield break international law, as well as Christian morality, by sanctioning torture. Justice?

Our present President Obama (you know the democrat) does not investigate the possibility of crimes by the Bush Administration, saying that it would not serve any purpose dredging up such a mess and fracturing our society. Ergo, Justice has become rather malleable. We have the largest incarceration rate of any nation in the world. And it is for profit-meaning some 1% elite Ivy league Frat Boys are being paid big bucks (Our Tax Dollars) to administer our fellow citizens imprisonment.

What purpose does our vaunted Judicial system serve? Does it serve the Citizens of this once great nation, or does it merely provide a veil masking the rape and rapine of the 1% Masters over the docile, compliant worker class. This article does not speak of it, but I remember when this occurred that the kicker was that Tim DeChristopher had the money to pay for the lands which he had bid for, he merely was (as a professor of Economics) of the improper class.

Now l will take my Blue Pill and return to my youthful fantasies of a noble democracy.


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